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New Patients

Klein Chiropractic & Wellness, P.C. is a welcoming place with a friendly team that loves to get to know our patients. We’re here to help you resolve your health problems in a comfortable, warm environment.

You’re welcome to schedule for a chiropractic visit or a nutrition consultation.

Your First Visit

When you arrive, we’ll give you some paperwork to fill out and take your insurance card and photo identification. You’ll then meet with Dr. Sara to discuss your issues and have an examination. You’ll receive your first treatment, which may consist of muscle work to loosen up your body, chiropractic adjustment and therapeutic modalities, if appropriate.

When you leave, you’ll have a clear understanding of the cause of your problem, our recommendations and what to expect moving forward. Please plan on spending 45-60 minutes with us.

Regular Visits

When you return, your visits will take about 15-20 minutes. Dr. Sara will do some orthopedic testing to determine your needs, then proceed with your treatment as appropriate for your particular needs. We’ll reassess and make any necessary changes as you progress.

Once you begin care, you’ll know what it’s like to feel better. With your pain under control, periodic tune-ups can be thought of like changing the oil in your car. It’ll make sure your body keeps working well.

First-time Patient?

If you feel unsure about seeing a chiropractor, we understand and will do everything possible to put you at ease. When our new patients have their chiropractic adjustments, they usually say, “That’s it? That felt good!” Though they may have expected twisting or cracking, Dr. Sara’s gentle touch is all that’s required to start making changes in your body.

Walk-ins are welcome, and we see emergency cases. Schedule your time with us today!

New Patient Center | (701) 338-3238