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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care in VelvaYou can think of your body just like a circuit. If a part is out of alignment, your brain and body can’t communicate at their optimal levels. Dr. Sara works to restore this alignment to your body with gentle chiropractic adjustments.

Feel Fantastic With Customized Chiropractic

Our highest priority is to get you out of any pain you’re experiencing. Then, we want to keep you feeling great by correcting the underlying cause of your problem. Your chiropractic care at our practice is completely dependent on you, your unique needs and your particular condition.

Dr. Sara uses several different chiropractic techniques when tailoring your plan for you:

  • Activator Methods®. An instrument makes your adjustment extremely low-force. It’s ideal for babies, elderly and extremities
  • Diversified. This technique is a manual, hands-on method.
  • Drop table. On your back or stomach, a drop piece in the table keeps your adjustment comfortable.

Further Solutions to Support Your Healing

There are also different types of therapy modalities we may use when appropriate:

  • Graston Technique®. Stainless steel tools of various shapes can be used along your muscles to remove adhesions in muscles.
  • Electric muscle stimulation. This type of low level electrical current assists in relieving muscle tightness and inflammation.
  • Ultrasound. As a type of high-tech deep tissue micro-massage, ultrasound penetrates deeply to relax your muscles.

What Are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care?

The average person usually doesn’t start seeing a chiropractor well into adulthood. The first time your spine could become misaligned, however, is during the birthing process! As a child, you fall off the monkey bars or swing set, and start playing physical sports. Adults are splitting wood, doing yard work and spending time sitting at computers. We are constantly relying on our spine!

Imagine if you never rotated the tires or changed the oil in your car. You might not have a problem right away, but eventually your car would need repairs. The health of your spine should be maintained in the same way with regular chiropractic checks. Be proactive and not reactive. Have you ever heard of a spine transplant? Neither have we, so take care of the one you have!

Find out what we can do for you. Contact us today! Insurance coverage might be able to be used for your visits. Remember, your insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. Not all insurances cover chiropractic care, if you are unsure please contact your insurance company.

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