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About Us

Dr. Sara Klein graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2011. She opened Klein Chiropractic & Wellness, P.C. in 2012, which originally had two locations in Velva and Minot. Practicing between the two offices for a few years, Dr. Sara decided to concentrate solely on the practice in her hometown of Velva in 2015. She was born and raised in this community, and she and her husband both attended Velva High School and knew they wanted to raise their family here.

Restore the Health of All Ages

In our small town, we know many of the families and individuals we see on a personal level. You’ll find that we’re relatable, friendly and keep our focus where it should be — on you and your health concerns.

Dr. Sara sees all ages, from newborns to seniors, athletes, and pregnant women. We want to help get you well as quickly as possible. One of our younger patients was an infant who was having constipation troubles. Within an hour after the baby’s gentle check, the mom called Dr. Sara to tell her the baby had a bowel movement. Another patient was a 92-year-old woman who couldn’t walk without pain or sleep comfortably after hip surgery. After the first visit, she returned and told us that she was feeling much better and could sleep comfortably again.

Chiropractpr Velva sees patients of all ages.


Without pain and restrictions, you can live life to the fullest. Contact our chiropractic care center to find out more! We accept insurance and are an in-network provider.

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